SALON/dantel, Istanbul

SALON/dantel, november 1st – december  14th 2014, Istanbul


SALON/dantel is part of the 2nd IKSV Design Biennial curated by Zoe Ryan by invitation of IKSV tasarim director Deniz Ova. It is a travelling concept based on the SALON/KANT in summer 2013 in Amsterdam and shows a selection of artists, designers and fashion designers from the Netherlands and previously shown in SALON/KANT combined with Turkish participants selected by Özlem Yalım Özkaraoğlu. SALON/dantel will exclusively be shown in and around Adahan Hotel in Sishane, Beyoglu in Istanbul. SALON/dantel is curated by Manon Schaap and Gijs Stork in collaboration with Özlem Yalım Özkaraoğlu. SALON/dantel is generously supported by DutchCulture, The City of Amsterdam, Adahan Hotel, Consulate General of the Netherlands in Istanbul, IKS. I will participate with handmade collages and videos. Some of them have been previously exhibited at Museum IJsselstein, some are new. 

lace ladies salon dantel

Middle row, on the left: Judith Koning and I made a special stopmotion video for this event, called  Jeanne.
Jeanne is being screened at PAPIER 紙 (October 11 – November 9, 2014) gallery Le Poulailler, Wannehain, France, too.

Jeanne Jeanne


PAPIER 紙 (paper)
Gallery Le Poulailler, Wannehain, France.
October 11 – November 9, 2014


With paper art by Tsuji Keiko, Charlotte Moufti, Judith Koning and me.

The photos below were taken by gallery owner Patrick Genty, before and during the opening, on which you can see some of my works that are being exhibited. We had a great time and exhibiting together with the four of us (Keiko Tsuji, Charlotte Moufti, Judith Koning and me) was very special and inspiring.

Thank you so much for the hospitality Patrick & Chantal!


‘gullivers travels’ and ‘glow’ at RIFF

riff - gulliver's travels
My video gulliver’s travels is screened at Deep Blue, RIFF, Reykjavík 2014
Somewhere deep down lies the secret to a new beginning, curated by Icelandic artist Arnar Ásgeirsson, will be screened in two public pools during Reykjavík International Film Festival (RIFF). The first screening will take place on 30 September at Kópavogslaug swimming pool and will be followed by a a hot tub discussion with the artist. The second screening is on 1 October at Vesturbæjarlaug swimming pool.

gulliver's travels gulliver’s travels

The swimming pool, with it’s surround sounds above and under the water, it’s own culture and, specifically in Iceland, it’s unnatural natural surroundings, are the basis of Ásgeirsson’s inspiration for the series. Deep Blue brings the tales of water. We have explored only 5% of the world’s oceans. The undiscovered majority of the ocean has been part of heroic stories; it is a sailors grave and a vikings funeral. What we know about the deep blue and what we use of it can be compared to how we use the Internet, just the tip of the iceberg.

Arnar Ásgeirsson put out an open call asking artists to react to the deep blue in the widest sense of indeterminate definitions. He also selected films of The One Minutes archive, using tag lines such as Kevin Costner, islands, message in a bottle, Vasco de Gama and Titanic. The final selection shows the diversity of the deep blue. Ásgeirsson selected One Minutes with an apocalyptic or post-apocalyptic feel to them, almost science fiction. This selection refers to his surroundings in Iceland that, according to Ásgeirsson, often feels like a sci-fi film.

Participating artists: Veli & Amos, Heimir Björgúlfsson, Matthijs Diederiks, Evelyn Fahrenkrog, Hander Lara Figueroa, Frederik Gruyaert, Logi Leó Gunnarsson, Styrmir Örn Guðmundsson, Ivar Glói Gunnarsson, Saemundur Thor Helgason, Frank ter Horst, Maartje Jaquet, Alexandra Karpilovski, Avi Krispin & Steven de Jong, Yazan Khalili, Aapo Nikkanen, Dobroslawa Nowak, Darri Lorenzen, Henrik Linnet, Gerard Ortín, Jurgis Paškevičius, Anne Jan Reijn, Misha de Ridder, Chris Schuepp, Erwin van der Werve & Thora Solveig Bergsteinsdottir, Chen Wei.

Also at RIFF | Reykjavík International Film Festival: my video glow (see previous post of august 2014).

 glow glow

Photo exhibition with poetry and music.


De morgen wacht nog even (morning lingers on), a little book*) of poems, photos and music, is the result of a collaboration between photographer Patricia van de Camp with visual artist Maartje Jaquet (who wrote the poems), the musicians of Kein Angst, Nina Helvert and Jan den Besten (who made the music) and graphic artist Ellen Tolboom who did the layout.
It tells the story of a night to a day. Is it a dream? Is it reality?

The opening of the exhibition is on Sunday, September 28th at 16.00.
Maartje Jaquet will read the poems and there is a music performance by Kein Angst.

Photo Gallery Objektief
Walstraat 33
7511 GE Enschede

Official opening on Sunday, September 28th at 16.00.
Opening times: Wednesday through Saturday from 12:30 to 17:00.

*) If you like to receive this beautiful hard cover book with cd (€ 15,- shipping excluded), send me an email:
All photos and poems can be seen and read here: in Dutch or in English.

Herrekijker workshops at ITGWO

herrekijker itgwo 2014

Festival Into The Great Wide Open, september 2014, Vlieland, The Netherlands
Herrekijker workshops Kijken Kost Niks (looking costs nothing).
It was great to be working again with the kids (and their parents too) on the Herrekijker program, developed by Carolien Euser (1964-2013) and Madelinde Hageman. This year we were accompanied by Sander Veenhof who does a great job wrtiting the Herrekijker App, beautifully designed by Madelinde. They were able to test it on the spot and do a lot of debugging. Can’t wait the moment when the App will actually be available on the market so many people will be able to enjoy this quality time with their children.

Salon/collage workshop august 23

It was the first time my collage workshop *) took place inside my studio.


And I loved it. First of all because I could refer to the collage works made by fellow artists around me. And secondly because we had access to my entire collection of vintage books and magazines to help people look for images according to their needs.

DSC05113web DSC05112web

The atmosphere was nice and the results were both amazing and very different. To be repeated.

And here are the results (click to enlarge):

Martje van der Heide:
Caroline Nugteren:

Judith Koning:
DSC05123web DSC05124web
DSC05132web DSC05133web DSC05134web

Linda Kohn:

Katinka van Veen:

Anneke Mulder:
DSC05136web DSC05122web

Quinten Versluis:
DSC05117web DSC05126web

Hanneke Versluis:
DSC05135web DSC05130web
DSC05131web  DSC05128web

The artist and her collection: Marian Bijlenga

The artist and her collection: Marian Bijlenga

Marian Bijlenga shows her personal art collection
From august 18 until october 24 in:

Arti et Amicitiae
Rokin 112
1012 LB Amsterdam

My photo Eisbär is part of this exhibition.
The title of this photo comes from the 1981 Grauzone record: Eisbär
Ich möchte ein Eisbär sein …


More info on the exhibition (in Dutch):

Uitnodiging STILTE – SILENCE invitation


My video S T I L (2008) is being screened at STILTE, a group exhibition to celebrate the reopening (after a big renovation) of art space AlleskAn | Kunstlokaal №8 Jubbega (Friesland, NL), 2014. The exhibition is part of the art festival ‘De wike fan de frije wiken’.


stil = still, quiet, silent

original version, newly uploaded*) for the exhibition:


STILTE, group exhibition to celebrate the reopening (after a big renovation) of art space AlleskAn | Kunstlokaal №8 / part of the art festival ‘De wike fan de frije wiken’, Jubbega (Friesland, NL), 2014



Film Salon, a solo exhibition with sixty one minute movies in five mini cinemas with differrent themes: fairground, wonderland, moving image, footsteps, aquarium (installed by Marcel Prins) and a sixth one, ‘road movies’ outside, in Galerie op Weg ‘s mobile gallery.

Kunstcafé Oosterwolde, 2010

Open Studio Weekend, duo exhibition with alison bass, amsterdam 2010


Venice Biennale, part of the installation ‘train oneminutes’, Rietveld Arsenale, 2009


NOMINATED for the oneminute awards in the category ‘looking out of the window’

*) due to bandwidth problems in those days i used to upload really small, compressed versions of my video works, this one was only 3MB when i first uploaded it!

August 2014 One Minutes Series: Color

My video glow has been selected for the august one minutes series: color.

one minutes series - color

Who is afraid of red, yellow and blue?
It is known to us that colors are the visual perception of physical properties. The way we see things is unique for every person. It has not been proven that one person perceives color the same as another person. What you might call blue, if someone else would be able to see it through your eyes, might call it green. Many artists before have researched this subject. For example Barnet Newman, who almost forced color upon the viewer.


Madonna&Child for SALON/BIG BANG

July 2 – august 24, 2014:
My Madonna&Child collage series will be exhibited in the Amstelkerk, Amsterdam.
Opening july 2, starting from 15:00 at Magazijn (where you can see ‘god‘ another collage of mine’), then 16:00 in the Bijbels Museum and finally at 17:00 in the Amstelkerk
opening salon/bigbang amstelkerk
2nd opening & route SALON/BIG BANG JULY 2 *)
15.00 starting at MAGAZIJN with Hans Christiaan KlasemaCrystal Z CampbellRobin De Vogel,Wilfred Junior JansenKen WolffMaartje Jaquet and others
16.00 Bijbels Museum with Elle VerhagenCarmen FreudenthalDesiree HammenJarwo Gibson, and others
17.00 Amstelkerk with Maartje JaquetEsther Louise Dorhout MeesMaria van Daalen, and others
madonna&child series

1. mariposa, 2. premonition, 3. sempervivum, 4. vobiscum, 5. adoration
6. soave, 7. lianas, 8. woman, 9. blossom, 10. nativité
11. mamma, 12. hush, 13. mysterious ways, 14. touchy, 15. nidularium fulgens
16. stamen, 17. passion, 18. fruit, 19. arches, 20. porta

Artist statement:
I work in different media: video art, photography, poetry.
My latest passion is collage, handmade with scissors, tape and glue.
In the Madonna&Child series I combine pictures from second hand art history books with plain images from how-to-take-care-of-your-indoor-plants kind of books. I cut away, replace, juxtapose, intertwine and overlap parts of these sacred and so well known images of Maria and her baby Jesus with images of flowers, leaves, branches and fruit, thus playing with concepts of fertility and immaculate conception, mother earth and the divine, life and death, love and loss.
Oudezijds Voorburgwal 153
1012 ES Amsterdam
Bijbels Museum
Herengracht 366
1016 CH Amsterdam
Amstelveld 10
1017 DJ Amsterdam
*) First opening june 26th, Oude Kerk, Amsterdam