March 13, 14 & 15: Solo Exhibition

AO celebrates five years with Maartje Jaquet.

AO vijf jaar MJ

Free download of the poster here.

During the last five years Atelier Open organized several exhibitions of work by Maartje Jaquet. Photos, videos, drawings, paintings, poetry and collages. It’s time for an exhibition where all these works come together and meet new work too!

Friday, March 13, 18:00 to 20:00: Open & Drinks
Saturday March 14, 12:00 to 18:00: Open
Sunday March 15, 12:00 to 18:00: Open
Sunday March 15, 14:00 to 16:00: Collage Workshop

To participate in the workshop, please register via, the costs are 20 euros, all material, coffee / tea and cookies are included.

Jan Voermanstraat 21
1068 XA Amsterdam

Patroon – Group Exhibition

Patroon Group Exhibition
Sunday February 15th, 15:00
Jansbrugkelder, Utrecht

patroon opening

Participating artists:

Joris Diks, Albo Helm, Joop Nolles, Hanna Koppenaal, Krista Peters and Maartje Jaquet.

What is it that impresses artists? Patroon wanted to find out. The results of an art chain were presented in a small exhibition.
What preceded this exhibition? Patroon chose the first participant and gave him a secret piece to work from. He then gave his work to a new artist he is inspired by. This new artist used the given work as a starting point for a new work. The result was given to the next artist of his choice, and so on. In this way the development of the art project has become beyond our control and a surprise for all.
Now that the chain of six art works had come to an end Patroon put together a presentation of all creations through a mini exhibit. The makers, each of them having seen one or two works themselves (the one they made themselves and / or the one that was given to them) reveiled and talked about their part of the chain, about what inspiration the work they received gave them and what the reason for their choice of the next participating artist was.

It Might As Well Be Spring
- It Might As Well Be Spring –
My contribution, a reaction to Krista Peter’s kinetic sculpture in wool called ‘Schulp’ (±shell).

Morning Lingers On – in Amsterdam

Exhibition ‘Morning Lingers On’
January 24th – February 20th in Amsterdam

Galerie Beeldend Gesproken
De Hallen
Hannie Dankbaarpassage 23
1053 RT Amsterdam

Official opening on Saturday, january 24th at 17.00.
I will be reciting the poems (in Dutch) that I wrote to Patricia van de Camp‘s photos. The improvisation duo Kein Angst (Jan den besten & Nina van Helvert) will be performing live music.


De morgen wacht nog even (morning lingers on), a little book*) of poems, photos and music, is the result of a collaboration between photographer Patricia van de Camp with visual artist Maartje Jaquet (who wrote the poems), the musicians of Kein Angst, Nina Helvert and Jan den Besten (who made the music) and graphic artist Ellen Tolboom who did the layout.
It tells the story of a night to a day. Is it a dream? Is it reality?

*) If you like to receive this beautiful hard cover book with cd (€ 15,- shipping excluded), send me an email:
All photos and poems can be seen and read here: in Dutch or in English.

PATROON: studio visit

PATROON: studio visit

patroon studio polaroid
Polaroid by Ellen Evers (PATROON)

I participate in an art project organized by PATROON, Utrecht. Like they have done with all the participating artists, they wanted to introduce me on their website. Therefore, they visited me in my studio, where I was working on the piece I later finished and called Betta Splendens.

PATROON: studio visit
Photo by Sander van ‘t Hekke (PATROON)

To see the other photos they took go to:

The results of the project will be exhibited in Utrecht.
Exact time and address to be given later.

Betta Splendens
 Betta Splendens

Pencil Power

Pencil Power

pencil powerAmsterdam, january 8th
oneminute video


Parce que.

Parce que.

Parce que.

Je suis libre.
Je suis libre de penser.
Je suis libre de tolérer.
Je suis libre de caricaturer.
Je suis un Charlie.

Poster version (feel free to download – print):

Parce que. (poster version)

(c) Maartje Jaquet 2015

Madonna&Child Christmas Cards

Madonna&Child Christmas Cards

Madonna&Child christmas cards preorder

One set = 10 cards, 5 x 2 cards
Price will be €10 (shipping included for the Netherlands).
Other countries : €11,- shipping included.

The cards don’t have a special Christmas text on them, so they can also be used for other purposes  …

You can order through email:, please write the shipping address and the number of sets you want.

(c) Maartje Jaquet 2014

Madonna&Child cards

WG KUNST Kerst Sale 2014

wg kunst kerstsale 2014

WG KUNST Christmas Sale !!! 2014

During the weekend of saturday december 13th & sunday december 14th, 12:00 – 18:00 (12 – 6PM)

>100 artists
>100 works

More than 100 art works by more than 100 artists will be for sale for €100 each in an ever changing group exhibition: when bought, people can take their art with them, the empty space on the wall will be filled with a new one. More info (in Dutch) on:

I will participate with original collages in custom made wooden frames.
You can view them in this set on flickr.

SALON/dantel, Istanbul

SALON/dantel, november 1st – december  14th 2014, IKSV Design Biennial, Istanbul


SALON/dantel is part of the 2nd IKSV Design Biennial curated by Zoe Ryan by invitation of IKSV tasarim director Deniz Ova. It is a travelling concept based on the SALON/KANT in summer 2013 in Amsterdam and shows a selection of artists, designers and fashion designers from the Netherlands and previously shown in SALON/KANT combined with Turkish participants selected by Özlem Yalım Özkaraoğlu. SALON/dantel will exclusively be shown in and around Adahan Hotel in Sishane, Beyoglu in Istanbul. SALON/dantel is curated by Manon Schaap and Gijs Stork in collaboration with Özlem Yalım Özkaraoğlu. SALON/dantel is generously supported by DutchCulture, The City of Amsterdam, Adahan Hotel, Consulate General of the Netherlands in Istanbul, IKS. I will participate with handmade collages and videos. Some of them have been previously exhibited at Museum IJsselstein, some are new. 

lace ladies salon dantel

Middle row, on the left: Judith Koning and I made a special stopmotion video for this event, called  Jeanne.
Jeanne is being screened at PAPIER 紙 (October 11 – November 9, 2014) gallery Le Poulailler, Wannehain, France, too.

Jeanne Jeanne


PAPIER 紙 (paper)
Gallery Le Poulailler, Wannehain, France.
October 11 – November 9, 2014


With paper art by Tsuji Keiko, Charlotte Moufti, Judith Koning and me.

The photos below were taken by gallery owner Patrick Genty, before and during the opening, on which you can see some of my works that are being exhibited. We had a great time and exhibiting together with the four of us (Keiko Tsuji, Charlotte Moufti, Judith Koning and me) was very special and inspiring.

Thank you so much for the hospitality Patrick & Chantal!