Water ballet

Water ballet
Selected for the June 2015 One Minutes Series:
‘We do not know what it is exactly that you are doing …’

water ballet

Curated by the wonderful Faivovich & Goldberg, this series is an immersion into the The One Minutes archive. F&G reviewed 4147 videos from the first ten years (1999-2009), selecting 56 films.

I made this video in 2008. There are two versions: one with and one without a soundtrack. The video selected by Faivovich & Goldberg is the one with the original street sounds, the water and the wind blowing into the microphone.

The artist and her collection

MAARTJE JAQUET: the artist and her collection
Exhibition: may 18th through july 17th
Arti et Amicitiae 
(downstairs in the society)
Rokin 112
1012 LB Amsterdam

Official opening: monday, may 18th, 17:30
The exhibition is accessible to the public during the opening and after that from tuesday through friday from 10:00 to 17:00.

foto arti expositie collectie

Thousand and one stories

In a stately Amsterdam canal house Maartje Jaquet lives and works . A building that has been transformed several times in the course of centuries. History is not revealed in all the details, but it can’t be washed away either. The different layers and characteristics of the many periods of time are easily recognized. A rich history that Maartje Jaquet cherishes.

Her collection is broad and has a wealth of all kinds of storylines. There are works by Maarten Ploeg, Peter Klashorst and Moritz Ebinger. She presents her collection, in a generous way. Works that are related to each other, sometimes a strange piece of plastic, a casual gift, a found object or her own work. Works by American artists Vivienne Strauss, Chris Baker, Shelley Savor (from Canada) and Calvin Seibert, the latter with a surprisingly multifaceted oeuvre.

Maartje Jaquet is also known for her versatility: she draws, paints, photographs, films, makes music and writes poetry. And she makes striking collages where an old image is revived and given a new meaning. Just like her house the story was still unfinished. This reflects on her personal art collection that consists of found objects, works by others and her own work. On her studio walls you see all kinds of frame narratives, opening into new windows, like in the stories of Sherazade. Her found objects are tangible reminders of what she, as a photographer and video artist, shows to the viewer in an unadorned way: everyday things become extraordinary when you look at them in a different way. The stories on her walls are a visual diary, they talk about the source of a work of art which lead to new creations or to the purchase of a new piece which then weaves into the collection to form a new story line. Thus, the creators of the works of art and the collection itself are incorporated into one big family.

Each part of the collection can be seen as a beloved member of the family.

One can not do without them.

March 2015

Harald Schole

With the following artists:
Anna Antonova, Chris Baker, Alison Bass, Marian Bijlenga, Jaap Blonk, Turi Braaksma – van Heerikhuizen, Susanne Breuss, Anna Antonova, Chris Baker, Alison Bass, Marcel van den Berg, Marian Bijlenga, Jaap Blonk, Turi Braaksma – van Heerikhuizen, Susanne Breuss, Maarten Brinkman, Anja Brunt, Patricia van de Camp, Carlomaria, Colombel, Luísa Cortesão, Cathy Cullis, Eddie D., Rins Dekker, Moritz Ebinger, Cozue Endoh, Fitacola, Laurent Gaudart,  Melle Hammer, Kirsten Haugaard, Femke van Heerikhuizen, Roza Horowitz, Jos Houweling, Gertie Jaquet, Maartje Jaquet, Jelle Kampen, Josephine, Kinska, Rinaldo Klas, Peter Klashorst, Jean Bernard Koeman, Dana Komjaty, Judith Koning, Nicholas Laughlin, Yara van Loghem, Miriskum, Najim Molenaar, Frenk der Nederlanden, Tomio Nitto, Ann O’Neal García, powerpaola, Angelica Paez, Goran Patljech, Anita Philipsen, Maarten Ploeg, Oscar van der Ploeg, Rogier van der Ploeg, Marcel Prins, Sabine Remy, Chrystl Rijkeboer, Brigitta Ruven, Lucy Sarneel, Shelley Savor, Birgit Speulman, Herman Schouwenburg, Calvin Seibert, James Otto Seibold, Ines Seidel, Noel Sies, Myriam Simons,Martijn Smit, Sandra Soss, Straatjutter (Krista Peters), Vivienne Strauss, Su Tomesen, Giotta Tajiri, Ryu Tajiri, Keiko Tsuji, Moniek van de Vall, Joke van Vlijmen, Moniek Voulon, Arnold Weel, Jim van der Woude, Yano, Marieke Zeeman



boucles in arti et amicitiae

Mixed media (collage, cotton, thread & sewing machine), 2014.
This work will be on show at the jubilee exhibition (175 years of the Amsterdam artist society) ‘Hangen doe je toch’ (‘You’re gonna hang no matter what’) in Arti et Amicitiae, Rokin 112, Amsterdam.

Opening: Friday, May 8th 19:00 – 22:00
Finissage: Sunday, May 31st 16:00 -18:00


‘Boucles’ is part of a bigger series, ‘ Sirènes’, of which, almost simultaneously, six smaller pieces (10x10cm) are exhibited  in Amsterdam too, at the exhibition ‘Springsnow in Amsterdam’ in the Amstelkerk. See my previous post for more info.

Also, if you would like to see all ‘Sirènes’, you can have a look at this album on flickr:
sirènes, album on flickr





Amsterdam Springsnow Exhibition 2015

The fourth edition of this yearly event, getting bigger every year. From april 21st – may 21st, with lots of events. Go to the Springsnow website to check it all out! This year I participate in the Amsterdam Springsnow Exhibition 2015, Amstelkerk, Amstelveld 10, 1017 JD Amsterdam.


“Sirènes”, a series of stitched collages, 10×10 cm each. I made these works for 10x10artist, they are also on show / for sale through their website.
sirènes 10x10artist

and, in collaboration with Judith Koning: “The Wind Cried Mary”, a stop motion video, shown (on a screen, in a loop) together with the original collage.
the wind cried mary


On April 1st the opening of the exhibition GRAFIKI! at the 8th Montessori School Zeeburg (Amsterdam) took place. All groups, large and small, have been investigating the combination of image and language.

expo grafiki

Art teachers who work for De Rode Loper op School were invited to work with the children. I worked with five groups of children that were either 5-7 or 6-8 years old.

For the first lesson I brought a lot of beautiful second hand books about nature, landscape, space, flowers, animals. The children looked for images from different books and combined them, by cutting and pasting, into a new image that didn’t need to be possible in real life (preferably not!): a monkey in space, huge flowers coming out of a castle, a mole on a volcano, etcetera.
In the second lesson they learned how to make names for the pictures in their collages. They discovered that, just like the pictures, words could be stuck together to make new words. The monkey in space was a “space monkey”, the mole on a volcano ‘mole eruption’. They wrote their words down, then stamped them and glued them onto their collages. Eventually all children decorated their work with crayons, in order to get a nice frame, just like you see around paintings in a museum, because on April 1st, their school will be transformed into a museum too!

After School Photography Classes

fotografieles nso kinkerbuurt
click image to view large

Since last month, until the summer vacation, I am teaching photography to kids aged 9 – 12 in a weekly after school art program in Amsterdam (West).

This was made during our second class.
After having experimented with macro photography during our first class, I had brought small toys to make street art photos inspired by Slinkachu‘s street installations “Little People”.

And this was during the fourth class, where the children explored shadows and reflections:

click image to view large

March 15: Collage Workshop

At the end of the overview exhibition of five years work at gallery Atelier Open I gave a collage workshop.

Here’s an impression of the people at work and what they have made:

hanneke en philip
Hanneke & Philip


arjen en kees
Arjen & Kees

March 13, 14 & 15: Solo Exhibition

AO vijf jaar MJ

During the last five years Atelier Open organized several exhibitions of my work. Photos, videos, drawings, paintings, poetry, collages. And collaborations with Jaap Blonk, Max Linsen, Shelley Savor, Martijn Smit & Frenk der Nederlanden.

Gallery owner Edith Brouwer and I celebrated this with Friday evening drinks, an exhibition and a collage workshop.





Downstairs: collage, photography, poetrydownstairs

Hallway: photography, collage, drawings

Upstairs: new work for 10x10artist (stitched collage), video, photography, paintings
10x10 sirènesIMG_4538

Patroon – Group Exhibition

Patroon Expo #1
Sunday February 15th, 15:00
Jansbrugkelder, Utrecht

patroon opening

Participating artists:

Joris Diks, Albo Helm, Joop Nolles, Hanna Koppenaal, Krista Peters and Maartje Jaquet.

What is it that impresses artists? Patroon wanted to find out. The results of an art chain were presented in a small exhibition.
What preceded this exhibition? Patroon chose the first participant and gave him a secret piece to work from. He then gave his work to a new artist he is inspired by. This new artist used the given work as a starting point for a new work. The result was given to the next artist of his choice, and so on. In this way the development of the art project has become beyond our control and a surprise for all.
Now that the chain of six art works had come to an end Patroon put together a presentation of all creations through a mini exhibit. The makers, each of them having seen one or two works themselves (the one they made themselves and / or the one that was given to them) reveiled and talked about their part of the chain, about what inspiration the work they received gave them and what the reason for their choice of the next participating artist was.

It Might As Well Be Spring
– It Might As Well Be Spring –
My contribution, a reaction to Krista Peter’s kinetic sculpture in wool called ‘Schulp’ (±shell).

Morning Lingers On – in Amsterdam

Exhibition ‘Morning Lingers On’
January 24th – February 20th in Amsterdam

Galerie Beeldend Gesproken
De Hallen
Hannie Dankbaarpassage 23
1053 RT Amsterdam

Official opening on Saturday, january 24th at 17.00.
I will be reciting the poems (in Dutch) that I wrote to Patricia van de Camp‘s photos. The improvisation duo Kein Angst (Jan den besten & Nina van Helvert) will be performing live music.


De morgen wacht nog even (morning lingers on), a little book*) of poems, photos and music, is the result of a collaboration between photographer Patricia van de Camp with visual artist Maartje Jaquet (who wrote the poems), the musicians of Kein Angst, Nina Helvert and Jan den Besten (who made the music) and graphic artist Ellen Tolboom who did the layout.
It tells the story of a night to a day. Is it a dream? Is it reality?

*) If you like to receive this beautiful hard cover book with cd (€ 15,- shipping excluded), send me an email: mjaquet@xs4all.nl
All photos and poems can be seen and read here: in Dutch or in English.