Conference On Dementia – Drawings & Paintings

Conference On Dementia – Drawings & Paintings – Exhibition


Meet The Experts. Toneelschuur, Haarlem, november 30th 2015.
With Leny van Dalen (host), Sjuul Schaepkens (movie ‘Gaga’), Jos van Hest (poetry readings) and Maartje Jaquet (drawings and paintings of her mother, a series in progress called Mamma). Plus: a slideshow of self portraits by William Utermohlen and the movie ‘Verdwaald in het Geheugenpaleis’ by Klara van Es.


VPRO gids 48

VPRO gids 48
vpro gids 48
Photography assignment for an article about the phenomenon of people seeing faces in all kinds of things.

Whistler – it takes a long time for a man to look like his portrait, London (2012).
The title both refers to the face that seems to be whistling and to the name of the London based painter / writer James McNeill Whistler (1834 – 1903), whose quote is in the subtitle of the photo.

AO Huisexpositie

AO Huisexpositie
Saturday 21st & sunday 22nd of november, 12 – 7 PM
Exhibition Atelier Open
Jan Voermanstraat 21
12243099_10205110617746902_3795848939849013989_n 12243099_10205110617706901_4914908631469751843_n

With works by Herman Schouwburg, Shelley Savor, Tom Thijsse, Edith Brouwer, Erik Timmermans, Fitacola, Maartje Jaquet, and many more.


8156957321_6d547994b2_zThinking back of the few days I spent in Marrakech a couple of years ago (november 2012), I feel like going back to Morocco for a week or so and just work on drawing and painting skills and maybe do some teaching in a workshop, too. I started looking around on the internet and found a nice place in Tetouan … fingers crossed!

Dirty Looks on MOTI

My ‘Dirty Looks’ photo series is now featured on ‘Beeldjagers’, a new Online Museum, instigated by MOTI, Museum Of The Image.

Schermafbeelding 2015-10-25 om 20.30.10

Exhibition: ‘New Members of Arti et Amicitiae’ Amsterdam

Exhibition: ‘New Members of Arti et Amicitiae’ Amsterdam
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21870267930_c3bfd76593_z 22032248356_626357976b_z 22058440565_e5347eb265_z
Arti et Amicitiae proudly presents the artists that became a member of the artist society. Participating artists: Astarti Athanasiadou, Hennie van den Bosch, Paul Dikker, Constance Duinen, Femmie Duiven, Louis Gauthier, Eliane Gerrits, Aloys Ginjaar, Eva Gonggrijp, J.C. Heydenrijk, Willem Hoebink, Marike Hoekstra, Maartje Jaquet, Floor Kahmann, Margreet Kramer, Valerie Leersum, Lucas Lelieveld, Thomas Manneke, Tonie van Marle, Karin van der Molen, Cornelia Nauta, Simon Oud, Boudewijn Payens, Airco Caravan, Carola Rombouts, Dick Simonis, Annemarie Vink, Flop Vinken

I participate with the collage series ‘The Anatomy Lesson’ and with ‘A year in twelve minutes’, a selection of twelve one minute videos of the last twelve months.

arti nieuwe leden postertje

Atelier WG Open Studios – October 4

21747968660_fd8aecf8e9_kAtelier WG Open Studios, Sunday, October 4, 2015, 2PM – 6 PM

Jelle Kampen invited me to exhibit in his lovely studio.

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Participating artists:
Tamar Rubinstein, Els van der Graaf, Meinke Horn, Anneke Bruin, Eva Gonggrijp, Emmy Ruis, Marian Bijlenga (guest: Simon Oud), MMC Schobbe, Colette Curfs, PolakvanBekkum, Clemence Seilles, Helga Kos, Alexandra Verkerk, Joop Haring, Bernadette Beunk, Caren van Herwaarden, Jelle Kampen, (guest: Maartje Jaquet, presenting different series of collages), Helga Kos, Clare van Stolk, Bianca Koevoets, Loek Schönbeck, Luitzen Zandbergen, Kars Persoon, Per Eric Jansson, Corri Janssen, Pauline Wiertz and more.

atelier wg postertje

Exercises in Freedom

Exercises in FreedomVideo still. You can see my video here:
Performance ‘The title is a drawing. The drawing is an undefined network.’ By Clara Saito –

I shot this montage video a few minutes before the artists were actually arrested by the police. I wanted to show both the tensed atmosphere of police and bystanders that day as opposed to the freedom expressed by Clara Saito.
You can see some images of the festival on her blog:…/
and some images of the perfo outside here:

SPELING – Group Exhibition – August 1-9

speling If you happen to be in Friesland (in the Northern part of The Netherlands), within the next two weeks, or thinking of a nice place to go, you are welcome to visit this group exhibition SPELING, featuring playful*) art works by made by many different artists. All works are for sale at this yearly summer exhibition and the prizes have been kept low.

Participating artists: Anthony van den Boomen • Herman Schouwenburg • Peter van der Weele • Maarten Brinkman • Hans Emmelkamp • Jurjen Ravenhorst • Betty Simonides • Sigrid Hamelink • Birgit Speulman • Barbara Bartlett • Marian Bijlenga • Age Hartsuiker • Aimée Terburg • Karin de Visser • Maartje Jaquet • Jan Berckmans • Rudy Lanjouw • Maryan Geluk • Tineke Porck • Astrid Meijer • Milly Betten • Marcel Prins • Faan Olgers • Riki Mijling • Simon Oud • Chris Baker • Leo Cahn. I am participating with four small handmade collages, each of which coming in a custom made wooden frame.

*) SPELING translates as PLAY as in a freak of nature or as in margin, room, slack. But the title is about PLAY as in PLAYFULNESS too, of course.

SPELING – Group Exhibition
August 1st – August 9th
Kunstlokaal No.8
Schoterlandse weg 55
8411 XX Jubbega (Fr.)
The Netherlands

At oma Maria van Daalen’s place – drawing assignment

Drawing assignment.
One day a week, two year old granddaughter J. is staying with her grandmother Maria van Daalen (Dutch poet/writer, Maria asked me to come over and make drawings of her granddaughter, a surprise gift for the girl’s parents. It really was very nice to do, i love this kind of assignments.
Bij oma Maria (1)

Bij oma Maria (2)Bij oma Maria (3)Bij oma Maria (4)