TWIZA or the art of give and take

TWIZA or the art of give and take
Schermafbeelding 2016-08-26 om 10.49.19Exhibition and book launch in Huis De Pinto

In the beginning of 2016 I have been working  as an artist in residence at Green Olive Arts in Tétouan, Morocco, making drawings, photos and one minute videos. Back in the Netherlands I invited writers and poets to write texts to my work with the plan to combine everything in an art book: TWIZA of de kunst van geven en nemen (TWIZA or the art of give and take; the book is in Dutch).

From September 6 until October 16 all works and writings are presented in an exhibition in Huis de Pinto. Moreover, a book launch will be held in a special edition of Salon de Pinto, with an artist talk, readings by the writers and lute music by Hassan Benhammou, on September 8, from 20:30 until 22:30, admission €7,50. There are not many seats available, so it will be necessary to make a reservation through

TWIZA is a Tamazight word describing collective participation and the practice of sharing, which I feel is fitting for how my work was created and also for the collaboration involved in producing this book. While I was in Morocco, Rachel Pearsy from Green Olive Arts interviewed me and put together a beautiful video with footage from the streets of Tétouan and its surroundings:

Schermafbeelding 2016-08-26 om 10.51.25

TWIZA or the art of give and take is filled with drawings, photography and stills of one minute videos created during my time in Morocco, with the participation of the Moroccan subjects in my work. It also contains poetry, short stories, and essays by ten Dutch and Moroccan-Dutch writers: Chaib Massaoudi, Nisrine Mbarki, Shida Khizou, Sandra de Weijze, Frenk Der Nederlanden, Jos van Hest, Leo Divendal, Maria van Daalen, Mustafa Stitou, and Asis Aynan. Each wrote in response to the art of their choice, selecting from work created by Maartje at Green Olive Arts.

Schermafbeelding 2016-08-26 om 11.01.00
To me, the book embodies TWIZA, because I think art is about seeing, showing, surprising, moving, sharing, moving, connecting. TWIZA takes my work, made in connection with the people and the artists of Tétouan and Chefchaouen, back to Amsterdam, hereby making new connections and bringing the project to a new level. Additionally, the Dutch and Moroccan-Dutch writers give their view and take on what they saw through my art. And who knows what will come out of this in the future …

TWIZA or the art of give and take is a first/special edition art book in Dutch printed on different kinds of specialty paper. Some of the pages which are blue, and the blue thread binding are a nod to the vibrant blue city of Achaouen (also known as Chefchaouen), which was influential in my work. TWIZA is available to purchase (€20, plus postage). You can contact me at for ordering information.

Huis De Pinto
Sint Antoniesbreestraat 69
1011 HB Amsterdam
Phone +31 (0) 20 370 0210
Opening times:
Monday – Friday 10:30 – 17:30
Saturday: 13:00 – 17:00
Sunday: closed

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The artist residency at Green Olive Arts was made possible through a travel grant by Stichting Gerbrandy Cultuurfonds.


24 international artists
August 6 – 21, wed – sun, 12:00 – 18:00
Offical opening august 6 at 15:00


Kunstlokaal №8
Schoterlandseweg 55
8411 XX Jubbega-Schurega
The Netherlands
+31 (0)516 463141

The group show LINE-UP, in Kunstlokaal №8, features 24 international artists, each with a different approach to the starting point: the line. The line as a connection, structure, border, track, demarcation, seam, contour, ornament. The line is form brought back to its essence, three- or two-dimensional. The lines are sober or expressive, their handwriting tight or sensitive, finely drawn or painted with broad gestures. A rich tableau.

Participating artists:
Chris Baker (USA) • Milly Betten • Marian Bijlenga • Maarten Brinkman • Antonio Gonzáles (SP) • Chen Harland GB) • Antón Hurtado (SP) • Maartje Jaquet • Martin de Jong • John Kok • Rudy Lanjouw • Carrie Meijer • Riki Mijling • Simon Oud • Tineke Porck • Marcel Prins • Anne Rose Regenboog • Vladica Ristic (SRB) • Francisco Rodrígues Pino (CHL) • Josias Scharf (BRD) • Herman Schouwenburg • Betty Simonides • Birgit Speulman • Aimée Terburg

My contribution consists of a series of Subway Line Drawings, made for the occasion while I was in New York City these last two weeks:Subway Line Drawings


TRASHURES. The art of useless stuff. By Anja Brunt and Tineke Meirink. Features 15 international artist and instructions to make your own rubbish art pieces with step-by-step instructions.

Schermafbeelding 2016-07-13 om 11.01.49

Rubbish Rocks! For, whoever has an eye for it, there is beauty in everything, from rubbish to plain useless stuff. Designer Anja Brunt and illustrator Tineke Meirink have always been intrigued by the beauty of the mundane. Trashures features fifteen international artists from various countries, who work with rubbish. It showcases some of their projects, and gives the reader step-by-step instructions to make their own artwork in the spirit of the artists. The popularity of urban art, recycling and the whole ‘make culture’ gave the authors the idea to combine these fine works with DIY projects with step-by-step instructions. Discover how beautiful and useful rubbish can be.

Proud to be part of this book, both as an artist and as an art teacher.Schermafbeelding 2016-07-13 om 10.57.17Schermafbeelding 2016-07-13 om 10.57.38

Schermafbeelding 2016-07-13 om 10.58.07

Graphic Design: Anja Brunt
Bird stamp illustrations: Gertie Jaquet

TRASHURES – €14,95 – BIS Publishers – ISBN: 978 90 6369 425 8


WG Kunst: Mijn Amsterdam

These four drawings / water colors from the series ‘Amsterdamse Mensen’ (People of Amsterdam) have been selected for the group exhibition My Amsterdam  at WG Kunst in which forty artists give their view on the city: photography, graphic art, drawings, paintings, mixed media. All works are for sale, prices vary between €200,- and €500,- (Price of  my work will be one for €200, two for €300)


WG Kunst
Marius van Bouwdijk Bastiaansestraat 28
1054 SP Amsterdam
June 17th 5PM – June 26th 5PM

Participating artists:
Els Bannenberg, Ton Beentjes, Sylvia van Berkel, Mirjam Berloth, Jaqueline van de Bos, Michiel Bosman, Jaap Burger, Yorinde Diepstraten, Harry Emans, Fred Fritschy, Maryan Geluk, Linda Grool, Stefan ’t Hoen, Edgar Jansen, Corri Janssen, Maartje Jaquet,  Jelle Kampen, Anna Khodorovich, Jan Koster, Nynke Kuipers, Saskia Lensink, Lucy was here, Naomi Makkelie, Jeanet van der Meer, Beth Namenwirth, Jet Nijkamp, Frits Nolte, Dominique Panhuysen, Marianne Pruimboom, Monique Remmelzwaal, Linda Rusconi, Baukje Spaltro, H.F. van Steensel, Lucas Tulp, David de Visser,  Maarten Welbergen, Carolien Wissing,  Alex de Wolf, Henk Zomer en Ron Zwagemaker.

TOON Amsterdam: one square meter with collages

One square meter with my collages at TOON Amsterdam.
toon hangt 3
Maartje Jaquet (Rietveld Academy) works in different media: photography, video, drawing / painting and collage. In TOON Amsterdam you can see and buy her hand made collages. She cuts pictures from vintage magazines and books and glues them together into a new, surrealistic image.
Prices: 25 to 75 euros for a yet unframed work; 50 to 125 euros for a framed work on the wall.

Jan Evertsenstraat 4-6-8
1056 EC Amsterdam
Opening hours:
tue -fri 10am – 6pm
sun 12am – 6 pm

Durban International Film Festival

Dear Maartje,
It is with great pleasure to inform you that two of your One Minute films will be presented at the 37th Durban International Film Festival, which will take place from 16 to 26 June 2016 in the East coast city of Durban, South Africa.
Your film will be part of the programme Dutch Desire, curated by Gertjan Zuilhof.

Schermafbeelding 2016-05-11 om 11.19.12
Spring Cleaning

Schermafbeelding 2016-05-11 om 11.19.39
Mirror Mirror

Café des Sports, Torpedo Theater

Café des Sports, Torpedo Theater: live drawing.

A fun evening at the Amsterdam Torpedo Theatre, about boxing, with special guest middle class boxer Raymond Joval, sports writers  Wiep Idzenga, Jan van Mersbergen and Arthur van den Boogaard and photographer Michel Honig and me. I participated making live drawings and reading out a story written by my father Otto Jaquet, a childhood memory called ‘Bep van Klaveren.’

IMG_1814 IMG_1831
IMG_1824 IMG_1826IMG_1825 IMG_1827
IMG_1813 IMG_1818
IMG_1829 IMG_1820 IMG_1828 IMG_1816


Schermafbeelding 2016-04-01 om 17.39.41

Proud to be part of this book on how to see the world in different ways.
Also very useful for art education.
By Lorenzo Servi aka Seraglia.
You can preview the book here and order it here.

partly cloudy
 – partly cloudy – (NYC 2013)

– courses – (London 2012)

Drawing in Tétouan

Drawing in TétouanDrawing in TétouanIn the waiting room of the doctor, in the departure hall of an airport, in the tram and on the subway. Or at a restaurant, when the food has not been served yet. Whenever I’m waiting, I’m drawing. However, unlike the other media I’m working in (e.g. photography, video, collage) I always took my drawing activities for granted. Until this last week in Morocco.

A couple of years ago I visited Marrakech for video work and photography. I put a small sketchbook and some watercolors in my suitcase, just in case. That was the first time I took the time and the courage to draw people in the streets. The idea to take my drawing talent more seriously started to bubble inside of me.

This year I got the chance: invited by Green Olive Arts, an artist residency in Tetouan, and with a grant from the Gerbrandy Culture Fund, I could go back to Morocco, where it all started. Making sketches, drawings and water colors of the people in the city.

I flew. With a larger sketchbook this time, and with my best watercolor set. And okay, with a camera too. A small one.

laatste avond in de studio
At work in my studio, Green Olive Arts, Tétouan.

Soon my studio wall was covered with sketches and drawings. I took a short private course to learn to speak some Moroccan Arab, so that I would be able to communicate with the local people and ask permission to make a drawing or a short video.

Sardines - oneminute video
‘Sardines’, one minute video, Tétouan.

The photography workshop I had planned to give at one of the art schools, was cancelled. Instead, I went and gave children photography classes at a primary school. After a short explanation, they were allowed to take pictures of each other with my camera. With extraordinary results.

Kinderen fotograferen elkaar
Photography classes in Chefchaouen.

I got to know international artists from Green Olive Arts and artists who live in the city. We exchanged ideas and looked and gave feedback on each others work. In the case of the Tetouani artist Mahacine Al Ahrach we even exchanged real works: she chose one my drawings, and she gave me one of her etchings. We spent two mornings together. The first one in her studio at home, the second one inside the Medina, where I got to see all kinds of artisans at work: woodworkers, calligraphers (in stone), carpet makers and tanners. Mahacine and I still stay in contact.

Mahacine Al Ahrach
Mahacine Al Ahrach, Tétouan.

This week in Morocco will stay with me for a long time. I have experienced how it feels to be on your own in a strange country with a different culture, customs and language. I know how lost one can be feeling sometimes. And how good it is, just then, to be able to connect with the people.

The germ was laid for a new drawing project. In this time of growing xenophobia, I feel the need to speak up in my own way. To show the world: wherever we are, whether we are wearing a headscarf or not, we are all people.

Woman sitting on the pavement selling vegetables, Tétouan.

My work in Tétouan can be found here:
One Minute Movies.

Many thanks to Gerbrandy Cultuurfonds, Green Olive Arts and to the following people: Marian Bijlenga, Hiske Gerbrandy, Jeff Mc Robbie, Rachel Pearsey, Peter Herron, Tanja Verkruijsse, Rogier van der Ploeg and those who have sponsored me by purchasing an artwork.

Illusions & Optical Phenomena 2016 – Calendar

Illusions & Optical Phenomena 2016
Proud to be part of this calendar with some of my works.
You can order it here: