FLORIALIA magazine – looking for sponsors

For more than a year I have been working on a collage series in which I combine images of women in erotic magazines from the sixties with images from a small book about house plants of the same period. I have been thinking of making a publication out of these collages, and a magazine seems to be the most logical idea.

So … now I am looking for sponsors who would like to help me realize this final project. Would you like to help me cover the printing costs of the collage magazine FLORIALIA? In return, you will get an exclusive, 30×40 signed C-print from the collage series for only € 50 *). The print, together with the magazine will be € 60. (Normally the magazine costs € 15). If you are interested, you can send me an email me through mjaquet@xs4all.nl.
You can choose from these works: https://www.flickr.com/photos/mjaquet/sets/72157666742730916

Then … I’d like to officially present the magazine on October 14th at an exhibition in TOON (Amsterdam), together with other works of mine as well as paintings, drawings and collages by my cousin and artist Turi Braaksma. All details about the exhibition, organized in collaboration with Atelier Open, will follow soon in the next post on this website.

*) somebody asked me if it is also possible to order more than one print. Well of course, and you will get a 10% discount on each extra print.


About mjaquet

see www.maartjejaquet.nl

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