Drawing & painting – my hand feels what my eyes see
I do portraits of people or animals on commission, too.



Amsterdamse Mensen

2016: Drawing in Tétouan

Water colors of people
25614382892_bcf8bbc0c1_z Chefchaouen, Morocco

Line drawings of people
7739364350_ed83e7dcbf_z  Superintendant, NYC

Animals (line drawings and water colors)
6716509493_1d39390edf_z Ranka

Other projects (paintings):

Broadway People
 for 10x10artist – oil on canvas (10x10cm).
AO mini nyc man

Moving images: Video art combined with painting
moving images
Videos of moving landscape as seen out of the window of a car or a train. Sixteen paintings  (acrylic paint on wooden panel) per film, based on film stills. By putting them together on the wall in series of four by four, I tried to recreate the feeling of movement. Videos and paintings were exhibited together. The videos are for sale on a DVD. Exhibitions: Solo exhibition at Atelier Open Amsterdam, june 2011. Festival do Castanho (Festival of Brown.) International group exhibition in Montalegre, Portugal. Installation ‘tracks’. Especially created for this yearly festival. September 2011.