MuseumN8 2017

MuseumN8 2017
Drawing people’s portraits at CBK Zuidoost
During the opening of the exhibition AIR in ZO





Public House Of Art: THE RIJKS

Public House Of Art: THE RIJKS
Wednesday November 4th was the opening of the exhibition THE RIJKS at the Public House Of Art.
I produced five artworks that are a combination of paintings of the Rijksmuseum collection and my own street photography, that I combined into digital collages. High quality prints in three different sizes and different finishing are for sale through the Public House Of Art website, in its stores and on many art fairs and events throughout the world.

Red Light Charms.
Inspired by Gerard Dou, Girl with an Oil Lamp at a Window (1645 – 1675).

The Little Street Vandal.
Inspired by Johannes Vermeer, The Little Street (1657-1611).

Canal Dipping.
Inspired by Cornelis van Poelenburch, Bathing Girls (1646).

Metro Fancy Dress.
Inspired by Gerard ter Borch (II), Gallant Conversation, known as ‘The Paternal Admonition’ (1654).

The Streets Are Calling.
Inspired by George Hendrik Breitner, The Singel Bridge at the Paleisstraat in Amsterdam (1898).




Opening: November 4th at 20:00, during MuseumN8.
Until December 9th.
Exhibition AIR in ZO (Artists in residence in Zuidoost) 2017 at CBK Zuidoost. With Aliansyah Caniago, Brian Elstak, Evy Jokhova Metcalfe, Metcalfe&Sangiorgio, Dallajee, Maartje Jaquet, Maria Lepistö& Alina Ozerova&Miyuki Inoue, Esther Meijer, Zanele Muholi, Polak&van Bekkum and  Tom T. Smit.
Tuesday through Friday 11:00 -17:00
Saturday 1o:00 -17:00
Centrum Beeldende Kunst Zuidoost
Anton de Komplein 120
1102 DR Amsterdam
020 25 25 401






FLORIALIA magazine out now!

FLORIALIA, my own magazine, self published in a small one-time edition is out now!

For sale for € 15 at TOON (Amsterdam) or to be ordered through me: At TOON, if possible, of course, is the best place to go and buy it, because then you can go and see the exhibition RELATED by cousin Turi Braaksma and me: 10/10 / related-march-jaquet-turi-braaksma
Many thanks to the great printer / bookbinder Theo van Waarden in Zaandam and to the sponsors: Amina Belkasmi, Barbara Valeton, Jurgen Winkler, Maria Koning aka Airco Caravan, Ama Van Dantzig, Asis Aynan, Patrick Jonkman, Sylvie Zijlmans, Jose Manuel Arnaiz, Bart van Dijk and Sandy de Roos, Meertien Van Reenen, Marieke Bolhuis, Ronald M Offerman, Karen Forbes, Markus Griesshammer, Marcel van den Berg and my aunt Francien Braaksma.


RELATED: Maartje Jaquet & Turi Braaksma

Saturday October 14th 16:00 – 18:00:
Opening Exhibition RELATED by Maartje Jaquet – (embroidered) collages – and Turi Braaksma  (drawings and collages), and the official launch of Maartje Jaquet‘s collage magazine FLORIALIA.
In collaboration with Atelier Open and 10x10artist 
The exhibition runs until November 13th

Jan Evertsenstraat 6


24 H Zuidoost: portraits

24 H Zuidoost: portraits
Here are some of the live drawings I made of people visiting 24 H South East at CBK Zuidoost.
I will be back here again on Saturday the 4th of November, during Museumnacht Amsterdam, to make more live portraits. On the same day AIR, a group exhibition of all the artists in residence who have been working at BijlmAIR for the last 12 months, will be opened, among the artists: Brian Elstak, Esther Meijer (Nieuw Jurk), Evy Jokhova, Esther Polak & Ivar van Bekkum and me, showing what I have been working on during my residency at BijlmAIR: in May / June I have been drawing and painting people in the streets of Amsterdam Zuidoost, on many different sizes of paper, from small scribbles (5x10cm) to large water colors (100x150cm).  More details about this event will follow soon in the News section of this website.




October 6th – October 15th 2017

October 6th opening program:

18:00 – 19:00 preview for the press
19:00 founder of House of Animals and our hostess Karen Soeters speaks
19:15 pm official opening by Alderman Laurens Ivan

Art for animal’s sake Amsterdam is an initiative of 2 Dutch artists who want to contribute to animal welfare through an international fundraising exhibition.

Over 100 well-known and emerging artists from home and abroad participate in Art For Animals’ Sake, including Melanie Bonajo, Hartmut Kiewert, Keetje Mans, Rutger Van Der Tas, Sara Nilsson, artist duo Raisa & Misha, Mitsy Groenendijk, Maartje Jaquet, Nour -Eddine Jarram, Edith Meijering, Lizette Sheep, Raoul Deleo, Wendelien Schönfeld, Lenny Waasdorp, Albert Zwaan, Caravan Caravan, Anne Forest, Andrea Freckmann and Sãsa Ostoja. Besides art, there are lectures, music and poetry.
The website lists all participants, with a link to their own websites. The artists will donate half or more of the profits of each sold artwork to the following organizations, because of their special and effective contribution to animal welfare:

Postiches *), embroidered collage, (c) Maartje Jaquet 2017

Animals and the world in which they live are becoming more and more an issue. Almost every day there is news about maladies in the bio industry and other bad animal situations, caused by human beings.
At the same time, awareness grows that their well-being and ours are closely linked. We begin to see animals the way they really are, and not how we can best use them for our own purposes or well-being. The artworks shown in Amsterdam reflect this new reality and shows a future in which they and our world are more one.
Plongée *), embroidered collage, (c) Maartje Jaquet 2017

We want to attract as many interested people and buyers possible through the works offered, thus contributing to awareness. If the exhibition will be a big success, we will be organizing a yearly Art for Animals’ Sake exhibition.We will then support other organizations that are committed to improving the penile situation in which many animals are located.


Silent Waters *), (c) Maartje Jaquet 2017

*) part of my series  ‘Sirènes’, embroidered collages, images cut from tropical fish books and from hairdresser catalogues from the sixties, cotton, thread, scissors and a sewing machine.

House of Animals
Spaarndammerstraat 460 C
1013 SZ Amsterdam

Live Portrait Drawing at Amsterdam 24H Zuidoost

Live Portrait Drawing at Amsterdam 24H Zuidoost
September 16th
14:00 – 16:00
CBK Zuidoost
Anton de Komplein 120

Next Saturday, September 16th, from 14:00 until 16:00, I will be drawing people’s portraits at the Jubilee Exhibition 30 years CBK Zuidoost, using pen and water color paint on paper. When finished, you can take your portrait home with you for free. There is no entrance is fee. However, please note that there is only a limited amount of portraits I can draw in two hours. Meanwhile it’s nice to visit the wonderful art exhibition inside CBK Zuidoost, which is open to the public from 10:00 – 17:00.

Some examples of the drawings that I made during my residency at BijlmAIR, Heesterveld Community, CBK Zuidoost Amsterdam:

Information in Dutch:–portret-van-jezelf


Opening Party September 9 from 16:00 – 20:00
Group Exhibition September 9 until October 21

Bijlmer Boogie Woogie – (c) Maartje Jaquet 2017

On Saturday  September 9th we celebrate the fact that CBK Zuidoost exists for 30 years! To celebrate this memorable moment on this day, we’ve asked artists who have worked with us before, to make a work the measures 30 x 30 centimeters. The opening is going to be a real party, so come along and celebrate with us! This jubilee exhibition, with more than 120 artists, can be seen until October 21.
Participating artists: Papa Adama, Kostana Banovich, Diana Blok, Sara Blokland, Celine van den Boorn, Barbara Broekman, Avantia Damberg, Harley Davelaar, Hamid El Kanbouhi, Brian Elstak, Marijke Everts, Neil Fortune, Franciscus & Franciscus, Quinsy Gario,  Antonio Guzman,  Gita Hacham, Raquel van Haver, Jan Hoek, Maartje Jaquet, Remy Jungerman, Patricia Kaersenhout, Abu Kanu, Iris Kensmil, Rinaldo Klas, Frank Koolen, Ben Krewinkel, Charl Landvreugd, Judith Leysner, Lego Lima, Jikke van Loon, Helen Martina, Glenda Martines, Joanneke Meester, Lana Mesic, Cindy Moorman, Chequita Nahar,  Xavier Robles de Medina, Baukje Spaltro, George Struikelblok, Angela Tellier, Su Tomesen … and many more!

CKB Zuidoost
Anton de Komplein 120
1102 DR Amsterdam-Zuidoost, Netherlands
+31(0)20 25 25 401

Opening Times
Tuesday through Friday 11:00 – 17:00
Saturday 11:00 – 17:00

Amsterdamse Mensen in Z! 12

My drawing / painting project ‘Amsterdamse Mensen’ is featured in the new issue of Z!, Amsterdam Magazine for the Homeless. Some of them were made during my residency at BijlmAIR (CBK Zuidoost), others on different locations throughout the city.

In this time of growing intolerance I feel the need to raise my voice in my own way. I want to show the people of our city through drawings, On the street, in public transport, in the waiting room. Without mentioning name, nationality, religion or whatever. To me, it’s all about seeing the humanity, that crosses every all boarders. The title of the project refers to a famous old song: Aan de Amsterdamse Grachten (At the Amsterdam Canals), written in 1949. We are all human beings. Nothing has changed about that since. Or ever will. So, come on, you all, sing along!

#AmsterdamseMensen #Ieder1 #WeAreOnePeople #Passanten

Lay out: Robert Swart