Herman Divendal Award – nomination

Herman Divendal Award – nomination

In honor of Herman Divendal (1948- 2015), In den vreemde, will be holding a yearly award ceremony on February 8, starting from the year 2017, two years after Herman Divendal’s death. Herman Divendal was a big support for persecuted, refugee artists, an inspiring personality and a passionate and tireless bridge builder with sincere commitment, humanity and solidarity.

The award will be given to one of the twenty people that are featured on the longlist. The nominees are artists or cultural media who are working from the Netherlands, and, in a similar way as Herman Divendal has been doing during his life, are visibly active and committed as bridge builders between people with different cultural and ethnic backgrounds. To be amongst the twenty people that have been nominated this year, to me already is an award in itself.



Amsterdamse Mensen

Amsterdamse Mensen
In this time of growing intolerance I feel the need to speak up in my own way. By showing the people in Amsterdam, my city. Anonymously. Not mentioning their names, nationality, religion and what’s not. Just showing their humanity. This drawing project will have my focus during the upcoming year. I am hoping to find a bigger platform so this work can really make a difference.

You can follow the process through instagram (#AmsterdamseMensen) or by looking at this album on flickr. #‎WeAreOnePeople ‪‬ ‪#‎AmsterdamseMensen

WG Kerst Sale 2016

WG Kerst Sale 2016
If you happen to be in Amsterdam this upcoming weekend, here’s your chance to buy wonderful art for only €100. More than 100 pieces of art by more than 100 artists. Photography, painting, ceramics, collage, sculpture, you name it. The idea is that one can buy art for a relatively small amount of money, even if  €100 can be a lot of money for some people.


My contribution: three photos from my project ‘Stadstuin – City Garden’, 60x80cm, c-prints, mounted on mdf wood (black, 1cm) and ready to be placed on the wall. (Click to enlarge).

6333640487_e482e9b6b8_b While My Guitar Gently Wheeps

6331930912_131e4412e8_b  Emmer (Bucket)

6333766603_afb66a2c77_b Porphyrophobia

Amazigh Festival Rotterdam

Amazigh Festival Rotterdam
Last week I attended two festival evenings of the Amazigh Festival Rotterdam. Both with poetry, literature and music. On the first evening, Woorden zonder Hoofddoek! (Words without Headscarfs!) I had a small sketchbook with me and I made some spontaneous sketches. The people were so happy about it they invited me to come back to Rotterdam on the closing music night: Grenzen Voorbij (Beyond Limits) at Podium Grounds.
voorkant-flyer-berber-festival-2016jh achterkant-flyer-berber-festival-2016jh
Here’s a small selection of the drawings, featuring the poets, writers and musicians that were performing on both nights. Please click to enlarge.
img_5295 img_5292 img_5290 img_5286 img_5285 img_5283 img_5279  img_5277 img_5275 img_5293 img_5254 img_5262 img_5266 img_5250 img_5245 img_5253 img_5270 img_5256 img_5272 img_5243

Queens of Sardines – design contest

Queens of Sardines – design contest


This collage is my entry for a sardines packaging competition organized by Queens of Sardines (in collaboration with Fish Tales and Talkin’Food).

Éphémère in China

Éphémère in China
My one minute video “Éphémère” (Amsterdam, 2014) was one of the 25 nominated videos for The One Minutes China Contest 2016. It didn’t win, but, all nominated videos have been broadcasted by Shanghai Dragon Television on november 17th.
Shanghai Dragon Television is a provincial satellite TV station covering most of China (e.g. Macau, Hong Kong, Taiwan), and, overseas: North America, Japan, Australia, Europe and more.

Schermafbeelding 2016-11-18 om 22.10.52.png


Poster, made for the Amsterdam theatre group De Rode Horde.rugslurfuitsnede
It has been more than ten years since I am making their flyers and posters.
Here are the previous ones:

THE UNKNOWN KNOWN – paintings and graphic design

Foldable cd – cover
Paintings and graphic design by me.
Information about the band:

14910548_10207479551088755_2661067005811001262_n 14956582_10207479551048754_6535868226516390877_n

14947442_10207479551448764_4903653085374971499_n    14915336_10207479553688820_6204409034977286346_n


TWIZA – leafing through the book

After an extension of two more weeks, today will be the final day of the exhibition ‘TWIZA’ at Huis de Pinto in Amsterdam. If you would like to be able to enjoy the book at home, there are still copies left of this limited edition art book. Please have a look at this short video to get an impression of the content. You can find the order information below.

twiza - leafing through the book

TWIZA is a limited edition full color art book, printed on five different kinds of paper, with drawings, photos and video stills I made during her artist residency in Morocco and the poetry, essays and short stories (in Dutch) by Asis Aynan, Shida Boukhizou, Maria van Daalen, Leo Divendal,  Jos van Hest, Chaib Massaoudi, Nisrine Mbarki,  Frenk Der Nederlanden, Mustafa Stitou and Sandra de Weijze.

TWIZA, signed and numbered (from 1 – 150) costs €20; postage inside the Netherlands is €2,92 and outside €6,25.

If you like to order the book: send me an email at mjaquet@xs4all.nl
It is also possible to pay through PayPal.

More information about the project can be found in previous posts on this website as well as on the Green Olive Arts blog.

The One Minutes on Tour – Nanjing, China

The One Minutes on Tour – Nanjing: Remake.
From 21 October until 20 November three of my one minute films will be screened in Nanjing, China, in the Art Museum of Nanjing University of the Arts (AMNUA): ‘Gulliver’s Travels’ (Amsterdam 2012), ‘Glow’ (France 2011) and ‘Water Ballet’ (Amsterdam 2008).
In close collaboration with The One Minutes, AMNUA co-curated and designed a show that is in a sense a Chinese remake of the realm of The One Minutes. The exhibition takes place in AMNUA’s futuristic Hall03 on the top floor of the museum. The museum was established in 2012 and is a feast of contemporary Chinese architecture.

gulliver's travels Gulliver’s Travels (Amsterdam, 2012)
glow Glow (France, 2011)
schermafbeelding-2016-10-11-om-16-07-37 Water Ballet (Amsterdam 2008)

poster The One Minutes on Tour - Nanjing Remake.jpg